Fresh Naturals is changing! Here's why, and what to expect over the coming months

If you've visited the shop over Summer, or noticed our social media post last month, you'll know that things are changing. We're reducing the amount of bath and skincare products in our shop (and on our website) so that we can make room for lots of new products.

We'll still stock bath bombs, body scrubs and plenty of soaps - but we'll have fewer scents available, and some products will only be available as a packaging free/zero waste option, unless bought in a pre-made gift box (create your own gift boxes will still have the choice of packaged or naked products).

And some products will be discontinued all together, so if its on sale, stock up as it may not be available for much longer.


LOTS of new products coming in this Autumn - plus some exciting environmental projects are in the pipeline

We're busy sourcing great eco-friendly homewares and gifts - made by small independent businesses who share our ethics, and put the environment, workers and the community above profits. Expect lots of new ethically sourced, eco-friendly products for the home (all your usual plastic free swaps)... but we'll also be showcasing the amazing companies who are turning waste materials into new products.

And we've been quietly setting up a huge new venture behind the scenes - taking beach plastic collected from Yorkshire beaches, and turning this waste into something beautiful. Working with other local businesses and community groups, we're creating a closed loop system, where waste is (most importantly) intercepted before it goes into the ocean, collected, cleaned, sorted and distributed to others to make new products - all locally!

We're amazed with some of the beautiful products these talented folk are making - all with litter! Turning trash into treasure is possible, and we'd like to show councils, businesses and the public that there is a value to what is considered waste. Even "hard to recycle" plastics can be processed into new products - and with the enormous impact virgin plastic is having on the environment, reusing, recycling and up-cycling is the only way out of this mess!

We're very lucky that our little shop is on a busy street leading straight to the beach. This gives us an opportunity to catch visitors before they reach the sand, and hopefully 'plant a seed' that will make them think twice about dropping litter on the beach and in our town (because chances are, it will end up in the sea - and we all know what problems that causes). We're also lending out buckets, spades and beach toys so that day visitors don't have to buy new plastic toys just for one day's use.

So why are we making these changes? Blame Covid!!

Like so many of us, Covid had a real impact on our outlook. We've been so grateful that our regular customers have supported us throughout the pandemic, and kept us just as busy as "normal times". But we couldn’t help notice the environmental impact (good and bad) of the last 18 months.

Lockdowns were hard - but the silver lining was the beauty of our town, how clean the beaches were (immaculate!!), how much nature flourished while humans stayed indoors, travelling for business and holidays stopped, industries slowed to a halt, and the environment could just... BREATHE, even if only for a minute!

North Bay in lockdown 2020

But within days of lockdown ending, things were back to normal - and that made us really sad and frustrated. The environmental impact of humans in coastal tourist locations is devastating, and that's only the parts we can see on land... imagine the impact to the ocean. We just have to do something about it!!

Here you can see the mindless littering around Scarborough South Bay - unless someone picks this up it will probably end up in the sea. (Photo credits: Fresh Naturals and No More Trash)

So look out for our new products arriving in Autumn, and the launch of our ethical lifestyle brand. But in the meantime, grab a bargain in our sale.

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